About company

In 2001 I founded the TopFrame company, and since then I have been at the helm of it. During these years, we have made significant progress in the field of survey services and also made our own discoveries and developments. Many years of experience in the field of independent survey inspections helped us adjust and improve the quality of our work.

The company name, TopFrame, as well as our slogan "Top Quality, Strong Frame", are the two main components to our success. This is our brand image.

Basic principles on which the cooperation of TopFrame with clients is based are openness, honesty and mutual understanding. As Rockefeller said: "Friendship based on business is better than business based on friendship". I fully share this view, and it is supported by the fact that business relations with many clients turn into friendship.

2001 TopFrame foundation
2003 TopFrame office opening in Moscow
2006 TopFrame representative office opening in Latin America
2007 opening of the construction monitoring direction
2009 release of the first batch of StopGuard event loggers providing cargo control at all stages of transportation and storage
2011 TopFrame office opening in China
2013 release of the first batch of event recorders StopGuard second generation
2014 the opening of permanent offices in the Southern Federal District, the Urals and Siberia
2016 opening Topframe "in the direction" Commodity research and examination of the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables "
2017 release of the first serial batch of third-generation event loggers -" StopGuard reusable with GSM-module "

What distinguishes TopFrame from other survey companies? In fact, we mostly do the same work, the only difference is in our approach to this work. Of course, in order to estimate how much better and more profitable it would be for you to cooperate with us, it is necessary to try. On my behalf, I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the result!