Organizational structure of survey companies

Structures of various survey companies as a rule are similar. Usually the structure consists of management, surveyor and tallymen staff. Depending on company’s specialization or it’s regional branch,staff can also include other units, for example: samplers, coordinators, appraisers, forwarding agents and others.

Of course, companies with little staff differ from companies of numerous staff. There are companies that consist of only one employee and others can hire thousands of employees.

See below exemplary scheme of organizational structure of local survey company or regional branch of groups of companies (who is not specified in particular branch) with staff quantity of 30-60 employees:

Company’s management usually includes specialists that have experience in water transport area business; such companies are often met in cities with port. Ex-seamen can easily find job in companies working in water transport sphere.

Insufficiency of Russian educational base in survey service area influences on the fact that people who has experience that allows to learn the profession become surveyors but not the people who has special education of surveyor.

Surveyors (in some companies this position is called “inspector”) also usually have experience of work on water transport. Absence of educational base both in Russia and abroad makes surveyors learn the profession by working in survey company.

Tallymen staff consists of ex-storekeepers, commodity experts, port employees of people who have no experience in transport sphere.

Organizational structure depends on localization (i.e. if Survey Company is located in particular area) or number of branch offices.

Written by: Evgeny Novikov