15th of March seminar - New technologies are on the watch of cargo - took place.

15th of March the seminar “New technologies are on the watch of cargo” was organized by TopFrame in Saint-Petersburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The seminar was attended byrepresentatives of logistic, transport, insurance companies and customs brokers.

Board of presidium:

  1. Evgeny Novikov, director general of TopFrame
  2. Dmitry Vollin deputy director on corporate sales of branch office “ORANTA-Petersburg” of “ORANTA” insurance company.
  3. Alexander Nuzhdin, head of forwarding department of “DEXT Forwarding Company”.

During the seminar following issues were considered:

  • Overview of modern means for fighting with thefts during cargo transportation and storage;
  • Ways of evasion of these means;
  • Problems of compensation in case of insured event (theft) appearance (for cargo insured);
  • Presentation of TopGuard event recorder – unique invention of TopFrame.

At the end of seminar Evgeny Novikov, basing on long-term experience of TopFrame’s work at survey service market, gave recommendations on effective cargo safety.

We thank all participants and guests of this event and we will be glad to see you again!

We hope the information that you have heard at seminar is useful and interesting for you.

If you have any wishes on organization, information contents and topics of next seminars we will take it into account with pleasure.