Certification of products

Certification of products is provided by legislation of Russian Federation. It can be compulsory and voluntary. Compulsory certification rules are established by legal norms and legislation of Russian Federation. Voluntary certification is free will of company or entrepreneur and enables to present the product or service in a more favorable light to customers or partners.

The main document issued after certification procedure is certificate of Conformity that is also known as “Quality Certificate”.

If the product requires compulsory certification then procedure of certification will be mandatory regardless of the country of origin. Quality certificates that had been received in foreign countries are legally null and void at territory of the Russian Federation.

Often products must be certified as soon as it possible due to storage and transportation terms otherwise delayed procedure will cause unnecessary downtime and losses. But to certify products by your own is a long and sometimes even risky business. Certification of products is quite complicated procedure that requires certain knowledge of the legislative casuistry and to learn all these subtleties singly is not reasonable. In this case it is much easier and cheaper to seek professional help. Their experience in certification of products will help you quickly find the most suitable way of work according to customer requirements and product characteristics.

So, for example, certification of product and registration of Conformance certificate in company “Answer-Test” that has been provided service in such sphere for more than 10 years will take about two hours. Thanks to long-term experience company takes over this laborious and tedious procedure and it turns it into a simple and easy deal. Client doesn’t need to take certificate independently because “Answer-Test” offers a delivery service to required address.

To certify you products on your own or to entrust this work to professionals? The choice is yours!