Survey services on transport: main terms and interpretations

Survey services is independent quantitative and qualitative cargo inspection, supervision and examination of transport facilities (ships, containers, trucks, wagons), cargo stowage and fastening inspection, labor of emergency commissioners, support services during loading and unloading operations (cargo marking, separation etc.) and consulting. Survey services are used in case of disputes and claims between parties of interest and for prevention of ones.

There are two main types of survey services: marine and cargo survey.

There are terms below that have been used in this article.

Marine survey is various types of survey inspections that are concerned to cargo transportation by water transport and also inspections of ships. In this type of survey there are no differences between sea and river transport and there is one common term “water transport”.

Cargo survey is quantitative and qualitative cargo inspection transported by any type of transport facility or stored at warehouse.

Tally cargo counting is counting of cargo units on loading and unloading operations or at the place of cargo storage. Tally counting is sort of survey expertise that is directed mainly on cargo quantity determination and less – on cargo condition expertise.

Survey report is a document that includes description of the object inspected, all details of the inspection that had been carried out and necessary conclusions. Survey report can also be supplemented with various applications.

Tallyman is a specialist that counts cargo units.

Emergency commissioner is an expert, empowered representative of insurer, who ascertains the reason and volume of insured losses.

Pre-insurance survey is an inspection of the object of insurance with the purpose to determine all risks that are concerned to future insuring of this object.

Displacement is water mass that is displaced by the ship and is equal to mass of this ship.

Draught of the vessel – deepening of vessel, i.e. depth of settling down of bottom or keel of vessel from water surface.

Surveyor is an expert that has necessary experience and knowledge for various inspections of cargo and transport facilities.

Big-bag– is polypropylene bag with top cords and is used for packing of large-tonnage bulk cargoes with tonnage (carrying capacity) from 500 kg to 2 tons.

Written by: Evgeny Novikov