Meetings with Chinese partners

In October representatives of TopFrame company have met their partners in China.

Within meetings perspectives of development of TopFrame’s Chinese branch office had been discussed, the question of urgency of new services was brought up and problems that companies face importing from China were learned.

At exhibitions in Guangzhou and Shenzhen TopFrame established close contactwith representatives of transport companies and also with Chinese producers.

Exhibitions in China are very attractive for many companies from all over the world. They differ by their scale and good management. Moreover (Besides) China has many things to surprise its guests. Today China is country of concentration of new technologies and great productive capacities leading in development over other countries.

If you don’t know China inside it is very difficult to run the business with it in a distance. That is why Russian and other foreign entrepreneurs are looking for reliable and experienced partners located in China that could help to adjust cooperation with Chinese companies.

The aim of TopFrame is to become such reliable partner for you.