Survey in China as a guarantee of your costs

If you are thinking about building business with China than probably you had already learned all the reliable and unreliable sources: pro-Chinese and anti-Chinese forums, various web-sites, magazines, advices of experienced friends and colleagues. Instead of repetition and going deepinto this complicated topic, full of traps it is better to resume: dealing with China is hard, but if you take necessary measures for your own security your business will prosper.

Today China is huge, rapidly developing market for enterprise, smart and cautious people. Playing fair you should know basis of Asian etiquette, you should be polite and careful. Entrepreneurs from around the world organize delivery of Chinese goods by one simple reason: there is big assortment here and relatively low prices. We have already mentioned notorious local rules of the game and for cargo transportation one faces it primarily.

While building business with China a number of tasks appear that you need to solve with high responsibility and seriousness: search of reliable supplier who will be able to supply to you the whole product line, organization of production in China or selection of proper factory for cooperation. It is advisable to check supplier or factory quality of production and honesty, to agree cost and properly indicate requirements to product that will be produced, and for this purpose it’s desirable to come to China, to find professional translator (or to learn Chinese by your own), to observe all rituals, to try not to be fooled and herewith not to offend Chinese partners.

Why the trip to China is so necessary? Even if you have looked through all information about effective business building in China nothing will clear the situation as well as your personal presence, knowledge of this country and its mentality. Moreover, if you are planning to start long-term partnership then personal meeting for negotiations with partners is necessary.

So, you have successfully overcome all above mentioned tasks and now you are waiting for arrival of cargo at destination point. Beware of cases when your Chinese partners organize several ideal trial supplies in order you to be satisfied with cooperation. You see that they are reliable, and you make big order… and when container with cargo arrives, suddenly you discover that cargo is not in declared quantity or the quality of cargo is improper or even it is not the cargo that you have ordered.

In order to avoid cheating it is recommended to use survey services. You can order independent inspector to examine cargo conditions at every stage of logistics chain: during loading, reloading and unloading, during customs inspections. There are known many cases when consignees ask for the help of surveyor after they had already faced negative experience of cooperation with Chinese partners. You will avoid problems by ordering survey service at first stage of production of your goods or at the stage of loading.

Among services that survey companies offer you can order:

  • cargo quality expertise;
  • cargo counting;
  • checking of cargo marking, transport documents;
  • sampling for laboratory tests;
  • inspection, sealing of containers;
  • control on loading / unloading of cargo;
  • photographing;
  • placing/ removal of STopGuard event recorders;
  • preparation of survey report;
  • cargo damage survey;
  • investigation of insurance claims;
  • claim settlement.

In addition to inspections during cargo loading and unloading there is opportunity to carry out inspections of goods at first stage of its production. This service enables to prevent any mistakes that can appear at this stage and quickly make all necessary changes and it includes following works:

  • Estimation of quality and quantity of primary materials that factory uses for production;
  • Control of product launch terms;
  • Reference cargo samples agreement with client;
  • Control over proper cargo storage conditions till its shipping;
  • Control of package quality and cargo marking accordance to declared.

By the end of all works survey company provides survey report with detailed description of cargo condition to the moment of inspection, and also all necessary photographs. Thus you will be able to check your cargo and also honesty of your partners be it a supplier, a carrier or other participant that is involved in shipment of your cargo from China.

If you had decided for this important step as business with distant and unfamiliar China we are ready to become your guide and assistant!

TopFrame offers full list of survey services in China and also in other countries where delivery of your cargo can be organized.