TopFrame and RESO have started partnership

In the beginning of June the meeting of management of “RESO guarantee” Saint-Petersburg representative and “TopFrame” took place. The result of negotiations was an agreement about further cooperation in cargo insurance area.

Representatives of "TopFrame" have told about opportunities of risk reduction of insured cases appearance that are concerned to cargo thefts during transportation, and they have presented their new product – STopGuard device (event recorder). STopGuard had been developed with purpose of cargo control during transportation or storage and help in reducing the risk of theft.

"RESO guarantee" has officially confirmed that data of survey reports and reports of new STopGuard recorders will be accepted as evidence and proof of insured event presence (or absence).

"TopFrame" is glad to recommend insurance company "RESO" to their partners and clients for the purpose of cargo insurance.

TopFrame advices to their partners to order survey services and to insure their cargo in the aims of effective cargo safety and losses reduce.

The article“How to secure your cargo during transportation”