TopFrame becomes closer to its clients

In the beginning of September 2013 in order to improve quality of customer service TopFrame has started to use CRM system “COMPAS: Marketing and management”.

Long time ago we were thinking about implementation of new software in our activity. The main reason is our desire to develop and expand our clients’ database and also to increase effectiveness and quality of negotiations with our present clients by using client-oriented technologies, and also to analyze and plan our activity. For this purpose it was necessary to have reliable and properly built system where we could input and collect all necessary data on work with clients in convenient formate according to character of our activity.

From the list of CRM systems the main attention was paid to “COMPAS” and “TerraSoft”. “COMPAS” mostly complied with above listed criteria that is why we had chosen this CRM.

We hope that with the help of this CRM-system we will become closer to our clients, pay necessary attention and provide quality service to them.

CRM-system is software for organizations applied for optimization of customer interaction strategy, in particular, for sales level increase, marketing optimization and improvement of customers service by collecting of information about clients and the history of negotiations with them, settlement and improvement of business-processes and further analysis of the results. CRM is a model of interaction, suggesting that customer is the center of the whole business philosophy.

“COMPAS” ERP-system (

“COMPAS” is a full-featured ERP-system. “COMPAS” is a complex of programs that enable to collect and analyze the information on company (finance, trade, HR etc.) to make budgeting and financial planning, to cooperate with clients and suppliers by means of modern client-oriented technologies, to find out bottlenecks, to plan business in perspective, to maintain accounting and tax accounting, to run the production according to the standard MRP-II, to organize full control and staff management and to account payroll, to automate quality management system.

The “COMPAS” feature is the opportunity to create individual solutions, to achieve maximal effect of company business-processes automation for each ruble invested. The system is developed by leading Russian software vendor – Company “COMPAS”. There are versions that are supported with MS SQL SERVER and ORACLE. There are special industry solutions for banking, engineering, metallurgy, retail, shipbuilding, light industry, meat processing and jewelry industry.