Meeting with PARI Insurance company

12th of September the meeting of representatives of TopFrame and PARI insurance company management took place.

At the meeting there were discussed issues of cargo thefts, and the director of Saint-Petersburg branch of PARI insurance company Vezoyalk Mikhail Yurievich told many shining examples from clients experience about cargo thefts committed in various sophisticated ways where PARI has covered clients risks.

PARI insurance company is an old partner of TopFrame and they know about TopGuard devices. Director general of TopFrame survey company Evgeny Novikov has told at this meeting about new devices – StopGuard (expendable device).

As director of PARI Mikhail Yurievich sais:

“The invention is useful, STopGuard devices can be interesting to many our clients especially to those who hadalready faced to the problem of cargo losses or for clients transporting expensive cargoes… we will recommend this device to our insurers”.