14-15 November company «TopFrame» took part in the exhibition "Business with China", held in St. Petersburg.

Exhibition dedicated to the topical subject of development of business relations with China, visited the novice and is already cooperating with Chinese companies entrepreneurs,and representatives from China interested in forging new links.

A large number of visitors and exhibitors is not the first year proves the interest of the two countries (Russia and China) in strengthening relations and seeking new ways of cooperation.

In the framework of the exhibition, a Conference was held to discuss various issues and challenges facing entrepreneurs doing business with China.

The first day of the Conference discussed the development of trade and economic relations between the two countries, actual problems of the industry and their solutions, optimize supply processes, workflow, issues of currency transactions, contract manufacturing, offshore zones, etc.

The business program of the second day of the Conference was targeted at those who do not have much experience in doing business with the Chinese side. A number of experts, experienced and successful entrepreneurs, years leading your business to trade with China, market shared with the participants their experience and knowledge in the field of delivery from China to Russia, business communications with Chinese partners and suppliers, build marketing system of Chinese goods.

Evgeny Novikov, General Director of the survey company "TopFrame", told of his experience working with Chinese companies, as well as highlighted the major "pitfalls faced by companies cooperating with Chinese factories.

"Having own representation in Guangzhou City," TopFrame ", we could well learn the principles of Chinese companies and help our clients to establish reliable and secure business relationships with them, providing a wide range of services, includes search, selection and validation of Chinese suppliers, auditing of factories and product quality control during the manufacturing process, as well as survey services at all stages from the shipment of goods from the manufacturer’s warehouse to unloading it at the warehouse of the consignee ... "