We invite you to listen to the free demonstration course "Commodity Research and Expertise of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables" from the Topframe Training Center!

The goal of the course is the formation of professional competencies of experts in the field of commodity science and expertise in the quality of fresh fruit and vegetable products in wholesale and retail warehouses, as well as in the RC networks. The course deals with the issues related to the formation of quality of fresh fruits and vegetables and their changes in the process of commodity circulation, storage and sale.

The aim of the demonstration course is to get acquainted with the training system, the course program and the teachers of our training center, which will allow you to assess the level of your knowledge and identify topics that require additional study.

What is the difference between the demonstration course and the original paid course?

The demonstration course is introductory and includes a sample study of 2 of the 12 themes of the original course.

The demonstration course demonstrates the possibilities of our training system and helps to make a decision about the need for training with us.

The demonstration course is a full-fledged lecture with the following structure:

Part 1 (2 hours) -Tovarious classification of fresh fruits and vegetables. Morphological structure of fruits and vegetables according to GOST 27519-87 - GOST27524-87, biochemical features and nutritional value. The processes of development, maturation and aging of fruits and vegetables. Conservation factors, storage and transport modes for fruit and vegetable products.

Part 2 (4 hours) -Citrus and subtropical fruits: varieties, diseases and defects.

In addition to the theoretical program, the demonstration course includes practical training of specific skills and clear algorithms of action in various situations for the examination of fruit and vegetable quality.


  • Experienced professionals who need to streamline theoretical knowledge and become acquainted with the current trends in the examination of fruit and vegetable products.
  • Beginners who wish to obtain the right to carry out their independent professional activities in the field of "Commodity research and examination of fresh fruit and vegetables".
  • Heads of the quality department of retail chains who need to assess the capabilities of the company’s Training Center "Topframe" and decide on the possibility of training their employees


  • Bondarenko Lilia Petrovna - candidate of agricultural sciences, associate professor, one of the authors of the GOST bananas, the head of the training center TopFrame has been working in this field since 1995.
  • Gudiyeva Zalina Beksoltanovna - Cand.Tech.Sci., Chairman of the SAC of the Higher Trade and Technology School of the St. Petersburg State University of Higher Technical Education , the head of the quality department of the FROF group of TopFrame company has been working in this sphere since 2004
  • Shlykova Julia Viktorovna - expert commodity expert in the field of expertise of a group of products of the category FROV, A quality Frova the Moscow branch of the company TopFrame working in this field since 2006


independent survey company "TOPFREYM", working in the market inspection of various types of cargo in 2001. One of the priority activities of the company is the examination of the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables. The company employs more than 40 specialists with specialized education in this field.

Date: March 22, 2016 (Tuesday)

Start of the event: 10:00, with one coffee break

Venue: BC "Baltic Business Center", Gakkelevskaya street, 21A, office 1902

Conditions: free, preliminary registration is required

Additional information and registration by phone: 448-0402

The application can also be sent to