St Petersburg businessman Evgeny Novikov is developing a cargo valuation firm for insurance with a revenue of 100 million rubles a year. His own invention - the theft sensor, which he sells to his clients, helped the company earn $ 1 million of net profit in 4 years.

Entrepreneur Evgeny Novikov opened a Survey company (cargo valuation, qualitative and quantitative company) TopFrame in 2002, before that he worked as the second captain’s assistant. According to Evgeny Novikov’s memoirs, he started his business from an office of 8 m2, a desk, a chair and a computer.

"The market was very competitive both then and now, but also due to experience in the field of sea freight, I gradually began to expand the business, a year later 10 people worked in the company," he said.

Now the company has about 200 employees, for the Survey company it is workers who are the main asset and the largest expense item. The company’s revenue is more than 100 million rubles a year.

Several years ago, Evgeny Novikov invented and patented a device for tracking the safety of cargo. This is important, he said, since it is impossible to prove the theft if the seal on the consignment is not broken. That is, if someone, say, stole a tape recorder from tape-recorders so as not to damage the sealed door, the insurer will consider this to be a "non-provision of the goods", and not stealing.

"Our sensor makes it possible to detect unauthorized penetration even in the absence of obvious traces of burglary, it reacts to light, movement and heat, and something of this will be for theft," says Evgeny Novikov. The idea of the invention arose ib 2006, and the device appeared in 2009. "The most difficult was to decide and believe in your invention." The year was development, programmers, engineers and assembly - everything was outsourced. " In parallel, the main company, the Survey, worked and still works. Over the next 4 years, the sensor brought the company $ 1 million in net profit, but recently the demand for the device has been declining. "It loses relevance, like everything offline," Eugene said, "and we are already preparing for the launch of a model on the market that will be monitored on the web in real time."

Source: "Business Petersburg".