Storage conditions and prompt supply are crucial factors in the transportation of agricultural products.
The supply chain of agricultural products, from the manufacturer to the end consumer, features a long list of stages they must undergo, each featuring its own potential obstacles and profit risks. Our goal is to mitigate your risks, ensure safety, and maintain tight control over the supply process in compliance with all the legislative provisions. We cooperate with both exporters and importers of agricultural products. In the course of our everyday business, we make all the necessary arrangements for the storage, packing, and transportation of the goods to the necessary destination.

We specialize in: grain, fruit, vegetables, and fertilizers.

We provide the following services:

  • Pre-loading inspection of cargo quality and quantity
  • Inspection of loading/unloading operations at sea and on railway transport
  • Marking, fixing, and re-palletizing cargo
  • Taking inventory of warehouses and elevators
  • Sampling, analyzing, and certifying the quality of goods
  • Document verification and analysis, assessing and effecting customs payments