Food industry

In today’s day and age, the issue of the safety of food products is a primary concern not only for manufacturers and consumers, but also for all intermediaries within the supply chain.
Hence, the quality control and risk management aspects of the food processing industry are of the utmost importance to us.

Our main business areas are as follows: fish and meat products, as well fruits and vegetables.

Changes in the supply chains due to the current economic situation require engagement of highly-qualified specialists. We work with all means of cargo transportation, including sea vessels, rail cars, port elevators, and containers. We offer you maintenance checks, control over cargo loading and unloading operations, visual inspection of cargo quality, sampling and quality analysis based on selected samples, tallying of cargo quantity, sealing/unsealing of containers, photo/video reports, warehouse inventory, inspection of the quantity and quality of goods in the course of loading/unloading vehicles, and the submission of periodic information reports at the customer’s convenience.

The following are the services we provide for manufacturers, distributors, suppliers, and retailers of food products:

  • Agricultural testing
  • Food product testing
  • Food product certification
  • Food product auditing
  • Food processing industry consultations