The main issue in the field of logistics is the creation of balance between transportation safety and cost savings in order to choose the least expensive method and way of transportation. Our task is to optimize the transportation of your products, making it the more profitable and less riskful to you and your partners while observing all the necessary time frames and budget.

We work with marine, freight, rail and overland transport both at domestic and international markets, providing such logistic services as:

  • Transportation
  • Packing
  • Audits, certifications and trainings
  • Risk management
  • Non-standard and oversized cargo transportation consulting
  • Services related to export and import


  • transportation quality and safety inspection
  • loading and unloading operation control
  • packing inspection
  • cargo weight control
  • accidental product damage and theft prevention
  • choice of the means, containers and fastenings for all types of cargo transportation