Verification / audit supplier in China

TopFrame is ready to be your partner in China. Only Russian officers, residing in the country for many years who know the language and mentality of this country, work in our office in China (Guangzhou).

Supplier inspection in china may include THE following procedures

Basic information collection about the supplier

  • real name of the company
  • information about the company's scope of activities and its existence
  • location of offices, branches and manufacturing departments of the company
  • information about members / shareholders and management
  • company’s registration number, bank details, information on bank accounts and loans, information about authorized capital
  • information about partners (suppliers and clients), as well as feedback about co-operation
  • data on annual financial statements
  • verification of the company's assets and financial performance for the past fiscal year

Visiting the chinese supply company’s office and manufacturing facility

  • photos and video from the manufacturing facility
  • information on number and qualification of the staff
  • size of the manufacturing facility
  • verification of product samples, etc.

Cost of services for supplier verification includes telephone calls, visits to the supplier by our specialist, and drawing up the inspection report.