Loss settlement

We offer you services of loss settlement which arise during the transportation and storage of the cargo.

This service is based on outsourcing insurance companies as well as companies with large cargo/ trade turnover.

For insurance companies we offer

  • developing claim procedures for insurance in cargo transportation
  • collecting all the necessary documents for filing claims
  • documentation of claims for insured cases
  • consideration of insured cases and verdict on the recognition / non-recognition of the case as insured
  • insurance compensation payment to the client

Cargo insurance for large cargo owners is particularly relevant, since having a large cargo turnover, they often bear a lot of small and large losses during transport.

For these clients, in addition to the abovementioned list of services, we offer assistance in establishing a person-of-contact in insured cases and losses incurred and will gather the necessary evidence. This increases the chance of receiving insurance reimbursement from the insurance company.