Survey services

Survey services from the independent survey company TopFrame.
TopFrame offers survey services for various types of cargo at all stages of transportation from supplier to consignee. TopFrame provides convenient and professional service and ensures an effective supply of information on conducted survey inspections.

We conduct the following survey services:

Cargo survey

Product quality inspection at the manufacturing enterprise

It includes the following activities:

  • determining the material quality and quantity used for manufacturing
  • controlling the manufacturing start dates
  • coordinating the goods control samples with the client
  • controlling due condition compliance of goods storage before shipment
  • controlling the packaging quality and correct labeling of goods

Pre-shipment inspection

Inspecting the cargo before transferring it to the consignee (before loading into container, vehicle, car etc.)

  • inspecting the condition of the cargo
  • photographing the cargo
  • checking labels and package quality of the goods
  • partial unpacking and sampling in order to check the quality of the goods shipped
  • checking transportation and shipping documents
  • recalculating the cargo (tally), inspecting the cargo container, inspecting the technical condition of the vehicle
  • photographing the container

Loading process control

  • photographing the loading process
  • controlling the stowage, placing and fastening the cargo

Surveyor presence during cargo inspection (veterinary, customs, etc.)

  • photographing the container arrived for inspection
  • reviewing documents and photographing the container’s seals and locking devices
  • controlling the integrity of the seal and locking devices
  • photographing the cargo stowage before inspection and upon completing the inspection
  • monitoring the inspection process
  • photographing and controlling the cargo sample process
  • sealing and photographing the closed container

Survey inspection while unloading the container for transfer

  • verifying the sealing devices (checking seal integrity)
  • photographing the container fixing and locking devices
  • unsealing the container
  • photographing the cargo stowage
  • controlling the transshipment process (unloading control)
  • photographing the empty container
  • recalculating the cargo
  • quality cargo inspection, weighing the cargo
  • verifying cargo labels and documents

Warehouse inspection

  • examining the quality of the cargo
  • inventorying cargo at the warehouse
  • surveying the pollution or damage of the cargo which occurred during storage at the warehouse, cargo handling or transportation
  • determining the degree of damage to the cargo, classifying the cargo according to its visual condition and damages
  • controlling the discharge process of the cargo at the warehouse, loading the container, motor vehicle
  • weighing cargo
  • checking the labeling and packaging of the cargo
  • checking the cargo storage conditions: maintenance of temperature, peculiarities of stowage, other special conditions necessary for proper storage of certain types of cargo

Survey report provided after the survey inspection is conducted.

Technical examination of cargo vehicles, containers, cars

Conducted in case of problems with the cargo.

Cargo damage and loss examination

  • determining the degree of damage to the cargo and quantity of damaged cargo (during transportation, loading and unloading, etc.)
  • determining the percentage of defective goods from the whole delivery lot
  • examining improper cargo storage conditions or transportation
  • confirming improper cargo stowage
  • shortage counting
  • identifying and recommending on elimination of causes of damage or loss of cargo
  • establishing the cargo theft
  • assisting in the investigation of insurance events and settlement of client losses
  • emergency commissioners work

For additional cargo control during transportation, we recommend installing the event recorder, TopGuard. This device is installed after loading goods into the container and removed after unloading.

TopGuard recordes the data and time of unauthorized container access even if there is an intact seal or lock and seal device. Read more about this device here.

Maritime survey (survey of marine vessels)

Maritime survey covers:

  • Pre-shipment inspection of cargo and vessels Pre-Loading Survey
  • Inspection of the vessel during on-hire and off-hire On-Hire/Off-Hire Survey
  • Pre-sale inspection of the vessel, full technical examination Full Condition Survey
  • Surveyor support in case of overload Loading Discharging Supervision
  • Determining the cargo’s weight in case of draught of the vessel Draught Survey
  • Checking the condition of the holds for loading Hold Condition Inspection
  • Determining the amount of fuel on board the vessel Bunker Survey
  • Placing/removing and controlling the seal integrity Sealing/Unsealing
  • Sampling fuel/ballast/cargo Bunker/Ballast/Cargo Sampling
  • Determining the watertightness of hatch covers Hatch Cover Watertightness Test Hose / Ultrasonic Test
  • Services of supercargo - development, coordination and approval of the cargo plan and loading sequence, stowage and fixing the cargo, including continuous control of their compliance

Control of commodity collateral for banks

We monitor the immutability of quality and liquidity of commodity collaterals with minimal operating costs.

  • Formation of a collateral monitoring schedule
  • Visual inspection of collateral items
  • Confirmation of liquidity degree and legal affiliation of collateral
  • Identification of potential defaulted borrowers
  • Monitoring report and bank assistance in regulatory support of monitoring technology
  • Identification of business problems for the borrower at the stage of their creation