Training center


The Fruit and Vegetable Department is the "face" of any super and hypermarket.
However, skilled work on fruit and vegetable quality control is a focused specialization (knowledge, skills and abilities) which educational institutions train multi-skilled specialists (merchandise specialists, agronomists). As a result, there is lack of qualified specialists on the market, and in many cases they obtain experience by trial-and-error.


We offer our auditing service, training and developing professional employees whose work is related to fresh fruit and vegetable quality control.


  • Merchandise specialist training (theoretical and practical training assessment)
  • Training at the workplace under our expert guidance
  • Implementation of the training course, "Merchandizing and examining fresh fruit and vegetable quality"


Formation of professional competence and knowledge development as well as experts practical experience in merchandising and fresh fruit and vegetable quality examination. The course covers issues related to common examination during fruit and vegetable acceptance, quality preservation and loss reduction, conditions of its transportation and storage, as well as practical training on fruit and vegetable quality examination.

Trainee classes

  • Experienced specialists who want to acquire theoretical knowledge and practical skills, as well as familiarize themselves with current trends with examining the quality of fruit and vegetables.
  • Novice specialists who want to learn more about "Merchandizing and examining fresh fruit and vegetable quality" for independent work.


  • LILIYA BONDARENKO, who has worked in this field since 1995 and is a candidate of Agricultural Sciences, assistant professor, one of the authors of GOST R for bananas, and Head of the TopFrame Training Center
  • ZALINA GUDIEVA who has worked in this field since 2004 and has a PhD in Technical Sciences, Chairman of the State Examination Commission of the Higher School of Commerce and Technology, Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education at St. Petersburg State University of Trade and Economics, and Head of the quality division of TopFrame F&V group
  • YULIA SHLYKOVA who has experience in this field since 2006 and is a Merchandise expert in the F&V category of product group examination, and Head of the Quality Control Department of the Moscow branch of TopFrame


  • Training activities are original and unique
  • Training Center Programs are not limited to theory; practical training is also widely used. Practical training of specific skills and clear algorithms of actions in different situations with fruit and vegetable quality examination
  • Minimum time required for testing and training, the program is aimed at employed specialists and assumes the material presentation in a concise and understandable format
  • Working with existing GOST and international standards, as well as the most advanced materials and modern scientific research results, and studying newly published and republished regulatory documents
  • Material customization options in accordance with requirements and type of activities of particular customers
  • Possibility to check and control trainee education
  • Ability to ask advice of our trainers after program completion

Course program is scheduled for 30 hours (5 days).
The presentation provides more detailed information about TopFrame’s training center.

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